Thermoelectric Power Generation
Web Simulator Lite ver.0.53a

Our website provides an easy way to compute the power and efficiency of thermoelectric generator modules from temperature-dependent thermoelectric properties. Since the simulator works on the client side, it does not collect any information other than website visit information for Google Analytics.

Please follow the three steps below to complete a simulation.

Step 1: Input Thermoelectric Properties

You can directly edit the table or paste (Ctrl+V) spreadsheet (excel) data into the table. CLICK THE GRAY AREA of target table when you paste something. Be careful as PASTING WILL REPLACE the entire table.

Seebeck coefficient

Electrical resistivity

Thermal conductivity

Step 2: Determine Analytic Formulae for Thermoelectric Properties

Regression/Interpolation Methods for Thermoelectric Properties

Select regression or interpolation method to find mathematical formulae for the thermoelectric properties. If you are not sure, use the default option (polynomial interpolation at 11 Chebyshev nodes).

Seebeck coefficient

Electrical resistivity

Thermal conductivity

Thermoelectric Properties

Step 3: Select Simulation Parameters

Simulation Parameters

Select module specifications, operating conditions, and numerical solver options.

Module spec.

Operating conditions

Solver options

Finally: Check out the Simulation Results

Simulation Results

Let us check out!

Performance at each current

Performance report